Annie's Coats

- keeping greyhounds warm


Reflective silver KOOLIES in stock on line and at The Hound Store

open Saturday's from 1pm - 4pm.

905 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Carum Downs.

If you do require a different day, please text 0432 587 421 to arrange an appointment. 

Or you can shop online: for all things none coats.

100% COTTON TEES for Whippets - now in stock

100% COTTON POLO shirts for Whippets now in stock

We now have Hipster Raincoats - Hipster Allsorts - Mother Snuggers and Quilted Warmers

in all sizes from small whippet at 48 cm to large greyhound at 84cm


Lots of new Greyhound cotton tee shirt colours now in stock




Whippet coats now available in some of the much loved

Greyhound designs - see special whippet tab above

Annie's Coats has been keeping Greyhounds warm since 2005.

Starting off with fleecy cosy home coats to keep rescue Greyhounds warm, the

range expanded in 2015 to include imported hipster allsorts, waterproof mother-

snuggers, tartan walking out coats. quilted warmers, and the latest design, the

hipster all season raincoats.

Autumn / summer has seen the addition of lighter options for sleeping walking, and

venturing out in showers and bright sunlight too!!!

100% cotton tees and polo shirts are the latest addition - designed for greyhounds

they are very popular.

Making and donating fleecy coats for many independent rescue groups

Australia wide, will always be the first priority.

You can contact me at [email protected]

One off summer delivery - new and

exclusive designs

cotton t-shirts

cotton polo shirts

see tab for more details and ordering


available from all pop up shops starting next Saturday at the doggy market at Cheltenham.

Made by me here in my workshop from my images - you won't find them anywhere else.

MUGS are $15 each - can be mailed at $8 for one- $14 for two.

Payment by paypal below or email for bank details.

You will need to indicate in the comments in paypal which one(s) you want.


I am trying to take weekends off - most questions re styles, size and prices can be answered

by looking through the website.
I do however check my emails when I can.

During the week I check emails a couple of times during the day however  my focus is sewing,

and this starts at 8am and often continues late into the evening to get orders out quickly.

From mid March through to the end of September  I only have capacity to make standard

greyhound size cosy  home coats, so unfortunately I do not cater for other breeds., variations

to standard
sizing etc.

For 99.9% of orders, coats are made up and in the mail the day after they are paid for -

except for weekends and public holidays when the post office is closed.

If I have an extraordinary number of rescue coats to make up in a hurry I will let you know of

any short delay at time of ordering.

I will always reply to your email the same day, and once your request is confirmed, please

either process payment through paypal or get get back to me stright away as I do not hold

  or an item for  more than 48 hours.

Please note that I am in Australia and all prices are in Australian dollars with postage

shown for local delivery within Australia.

I do not generally mail to overseas due to high postage costs but please contact me if

you would like a postage quote.

Meanwhile please join us on facebook - lots of fun - pictures of happy cutomers - fundraising

specials - new fabrics ..............................

Thank you for your understanding.


the History of Annie's Coats


The inspiration for "Annie's Coats" came from a group of senior greyhounds in Victoria who were desperately in need of loving homes. Within a week of the call going out, a number of very special people, some with their own greyhound(s), took these beautiful creatures into their homes as long term fosters.

Not being able to take another grey myself - I wondered what I could do to help.

Being in the depth of a Melbourne winter and looking at my two fur kids all snuggled in the polar fleece pj's I had made for them, I set off on a mission to make coats for the "oldies". Some wonderful people donated fabric, others money, and within a short time all of the seniors had new coats to take with them to their foster/forever homes.

The coats were very popular and I started receiving requests to make coats for other greys.

So, in 2005, "Annie's Coats" was born. Since then I have made and donated over 1,000 adoption and foster coats to Greyhound Safety Net in Victoria, a couple of hundred coats to Greyhound Rescue in NSW, and I make and donate adoption coats for Gumtree Greys and other private greyhound rescue groups throughout Australia. The sale of coats from this site enable this to continue.

Annie's Coats also sponsors Greyhound fundraising events when funds allow.